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I agreed to shoot at SAS Global Forum in Orlando some brief, YouTube-style videos of a few poster contest entrants.  I’ve been to the last four of these annual events, so I’m well aware of the extreme enthusiasm of the global community but the graciousness and excitement of these folks still blows me away. The three customers I met who created posters—Jenine Milum, Don Kros and Jon Boase—were amazing.

They all had invested large amounts of personal time creating these visual displays of some SAS process or insight. One even spent the price of a very nice dinner for two, with wine, on poster printing. Why? Simply to share their knowledge with peers at the event. That’s so SAS Global Forum.

Never mind that the posters were displayed in a corner of the expo area with little fanfare. The enthusiasm leapt off the static poster displays. And arrange to put some of the authors in video shoot? You might just feel like you had awarded them an Oscar or Emmy! The best part of SAS Global Forum is always meeting the users.

The resulting videos, including one with SAS employee Janet Stuelpner, will be available over the next few weeks on my colleague Waynette Tubbs’ User Groups blog, so be sure to check them out over there.

Thank you Jenine, Don, Jon and Janet.


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