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Are you still struggling to understand what "big data" means to you or your industry? Or maybe you get it, but you want your boss to understand the opportunities, and you're not sure how to explain it clearly.

Look no further. I've categorized some of our most popular recent big data posts below into specific industries and interests. Pick what's relevant to you and share the rest with your friends and co-workers who might benefit from the advice for their roles.

For banking

For retail

For health care

For Telco

For CIOs and IT leaders

For analysts

For executives

For marketers

For SAS fans

For everyone

If you've made it to the end of this list and don't see anything that's relevant for you, let us know. What big data questions do you have for your industry or your organization? We'll help find the answers.

You can read more about "big data" in this special 32-page report on high-performance analytics.


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  1. Understanding how to analyze your data can be the make or break for your organization. Optimization, efficiency tasks and good analytics are always important when dissecting data.

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