Financial crime and fraud investigators can now think smarter, move faster


With regulations and organized crime increasing, company investigators are challenged more now than ever to manage cases that can involve merging information across the organization. This can include unstructured documents such as email and social media sources  – relevant when integrated with other information on the case.

Enterprise case management can help investigators enforce best practices and proper gathering of evidence while greatly reducing investigation costs. SAS Enterprise Case Management provides a structured environment for managing investigation workflows, attaching comments or documentation and recording financial information, such as exposures and losses.

One US insurer has seen remarkable benefits by pairing SAS Enterprise Financial Crimes and SAS Enterprise Case Management together. They have changed the Special Investigation Unit's approach to hiring. They now look for investigators with skills in searching patterns and thinking about fraud holistically- rather than one case at a time.

With the latest release of SAS Enterprise Case Management, it is asier to manage and file regulatory reports through a single fraud investigation system with a new report console/centralized hub. In addition to supporting multiple forms with varying jurisdictional requirements, hub users can file Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs) and Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) via an intuitive point-and-click interface to manage e-flies and review regulatory reports. This on-demand reporting and management dashboard unites departments enterprise-wide.

“Leading case management technologies need to provide investigators with streamlined automation and convenience so cases are handled as effectively and efficiently as possible,” said Rodney Nelsestuen, Senior Research Director at CEB TowerGroup. "Organizations can then manage risk while mitigating operating costs, increasing efficiency, documenting compliance and improving business performance.”

Now, battling financial crime gets easier for case managers through streamlined cases and more effective workflow, resulting in reduced losses, greater chance for recoveries, and costs savings.


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Ellen Joyner-Roberson

Global Marketing Advisor

Ellen Joyner-Roberson, CFE is Global Marketing Advisor at SAS, where she defines industry strategy and messaging for the global fraud and security markets in banking, insurance, health care and government. With more than thirty years of experience in information technology, she helps clients capitalize on the power of analytics to combat fraud and keep the public safe. This includes bringing greater awareness of how to apply machine learning and AI to detect evolving fraud tactics, while realizing ROI in technology investments. In addition, she consults with clients to reduce fraud losses and mitigate risk across their enterprise. Joyner-Roberson graduated from Sweet Brier College with a degree in Math and Computer Science. Most recently, Ellen has brought to market our Intelligence and Law Enforcement solution called SAS® Intelligence and Investigation Management and a cross industry solution focused on Procurement Integrity.

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