Analytics on a grand scale


The speed and accuracy of your organization's response to complex analysis can make or break a decision, opportunity or profitable execution. Organizations are increasingly turning to innovative technologies such as high-performance analytics to ensure timely, precise decisions.

Join live as Scott Chastain, Director of Information Management and Delivery, SAS, along with Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer, Teradata, translate the trends and explore:

  • Where high-performance analytics adds value.
  • Benefits of running in-memory analytics within your organization.
  • Potential use cases for applying in-memory analytics in your environment.

Mark your calendars for this 30 min discussion on April 11th to learn how to achieve vital insights in minutes or seconds, not hours or days.

You can get a sneak peek now - just view this short video featuring webinar presenters Scott Chastain and Bill Franks.  See you on April 11th!


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