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Amitava Ghosh, Reliance Communications

It was fun to see Amitava Ghosh, Senior Vice President at Reliance Communications on his visit to SAS headquarters.

I was thrilled to learn that "Ami" -- my former neighbor -- is now a SAS customer using SAS Customer Intelligence to optimize campaign management. Even more exciting, Ami allowed me to put out a Feb 27 SAS press release.

Thanks to Ami's selection of SAS, now all lines of business run automated campaigns without IT help and at a very low cost. He said, “Marketing campaigns are generating significant ROI for us. With SAS Analytics, Reliance now acquires 6 million mobile subscribers a month."  Check out the full press release and other recent SAS news here.

This is a big week for telecom

Many SAS execs as well as SAS customers are participating in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. Ami and others are happy to interview with press. I wish more SAS Analytics customers would share their successes with press, this way.

Please let me know those you’d like to see highlighted in a SAS press release.


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