High-performance analytics for big customer data


Mobile phone data is one obvious example of "big data." Not only does it include call records for every customer and every phone, but it might include network data on how those customers connect with one another. Data stores could also contain location-based data, application usage data and data about different service packages and agreements. What can telecommunications providers do with all of that data to benefit their customers and improve revenue?

One telco company in Australia, Telstra, is improving marketing customer service with SAS high-performance analytics. The SAS solution speeds the analysis on data from 8.2 million customers through grid computing. In the video below, you'll notice some key quotes that sound a lot like the numbers I mentioned in my HPA: That's Incredible! post last week. For instance, "Things that used to take us 11 hours to analyze we can now do in 10 seconds," says Kate McKenzie, Chief Marketing Officer.

What does that increased speed mean to the business? It means:

  • Better targeting of campaigns.
  • Better strike rates.
  • Better acquisition results.
  • Better customer retention.
  • More informed customer service representatives.

What could your company do better with SAS high-performance analytics?

This is day eight of my "HPA once a day" blog post series. To read more, see all of the high-performance analytics posts on this blog or follow the high-performance analytics rss feed.


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