This week in blogs: SAS ODS, Hadoop and hangovers


Let me start this weekly recap of SAS blog posts you might have missed by introducing you to the newest SAS blog: Graphically Speaking. In his intro post over there, Sanjay Mantange, says this about the blog:

Our goal is to engage with you on a discussion about analytical and business graphics for reporting and interactive applications. Our primary focus will be on ODS Graphics and related topics, but we look forward to a lively discussion on all things graphical.

(ODS stands for the Output Delivery System.)

Next, we'll cover a topic that  everyone is talking about lately: Hadoop. On the Dataflux blog, David Loshin answers the question, "What is Hadoop?" Three posts on the Information Architect blog cover Hadoop this week too:

For a general interest post that's been popular on Twitter and among the University crowd, read What skills do you need to become a data miner? by Goran Dragosavac.

Finally, since it's Friday and the weekend beckons, read the SAS Users Blog to find out how to avoid a hangover. A data hangover, that is.


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      It just wasn't one of the "posts you might have missed." What with your Twinterview and everything else, I didn't think anyone missed your posts this week!

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