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A women’s specialty retailer operating more than 1,000 boutiques, Chico’s FAS, Inc. was faced with a significant challenge: reducing the number of markdowns while more effectively targeting its middle- to high-income clientele. To achieve these goals, the company needed to optimize its prices and more effectively target its most valuable customers, lest it leave money on the table or be stuck with unwanted inventory.

Lack of data wasn’t the problem; Chico’s had a treasure trove of data from multiple systems and sources, such as its physical and online stores. What it required was a solution that enabled it to quickly find the highest-quality data and uncover insights within.

Join us for a live webinar at your own desktop next Wednesday, September 21st at 1pm eastern as we talk with Barb Buettin, Director, CRM – Enterprise Information Management at Chico's FAS.  Mark Troester, Data Integration Product Marketing Manager at SAS, will talk with Barb as she provides an inside perspective on how Chico's put data management solutions into the hands of its business users to significantly increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, achieve a unified view of its customers and gain insights into strategy and segmentation.  Listen in and learn how Chico's uses SAS to:

  • Segment its catalog mailings and differentiate promotion efforts for maximum impact.
  • Drive customer loyalty and more effectively target its most valuable middle- to high-income clientele.
  • Reduce the number of markdowns, optimize prices and get rid of unwanted inventory.

We invite you to discover how your organization can achieve these same outcomes by better managing disparate data and more efficiently preparing your data for analysis. See you online Wednesday for the this month's Applying Business Analytics Webinar Series!


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