The Premier Business Leadership Series: an event where SAS is in its element


Notwithstanding the need to differentiate their value proposition in today’s highly competitive world, companies are sometimes forced to plagiarize even when it comes to public events. For attendees, it is generally the same ole, same ole agenda and faces, staffers drained of passion and exhibitors looking out of place while searching for a conversation or something to justify their presence.

Well, not so with the Premier Business Leadership Series in Singapore this week. The atmosphere was electric as more than 700 select executives filed in for a unique experience. Backstage the speakers were eager to get up there, take the theme and deliver from their experience and world views, their publications and boards, relevant messages as the press of the world was declaring down turns, recession FUD, and dismal outlooks. PBLS was a breath of fresh air, as the feedback indicated the relevance and timeliness of sage advice that encouraged innovation and creativity was  the key to facing these world events.

Each speaker effortlessly guided the gathering to take note of the impending deluge of data and information, both structured and unstructured, the demographic changes that we are facing, the disappearance of loved and favoured brands  urging the need for businesses to embrace analytics as a key to unraveling the new opportunities that awaits those that will.

SAS is in its element here! Delegates were asking:

  • "How can you produce an event of this stature, under current conditions?" 
  • "This is the best advice I have heard from such a gathering of great speakers." 
  • "My team and I have been encouraged immensely through the strong agenda and peer networking you provided?" 

And so on. Being in one’s element, not apologizing or defending, but delivering on the promise of our tagline, showing customers and prospects how we can deliver to them The Power to Know, puts us in an enviable position when addressing a market that demands an answer to staying competitive and relevant.

The messages and opportunities that they revealed were delivered from many sources that you may not have recognized at an event that had as its underlying purpose to bring thought leadership across an array of topics that would flow to a single outcome of identifying that the answer lay in analytics…….why? Because SAS was in its element!

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Don Cooper-Williams

Executive Director, SAS Asia Pacific

For the past ten years, Don Cooper-Williams has been instrumental in leading the success of SAS’ fastest-growing region through strategic global alignment, driving new channels, building a culture of performance and developing talent across 14 diverse countries in Asia Pacific. His tenacity to create relevance and sustain growth in emerging as well as mature markets has meant SAS continues to outpace the market in business analytics revenue. Backing his stellar achievements is more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry, providing hardware and software solutions to enterprises across South Africa, Italy and the Asia Pacific region. Prior to joining SAS, Don held various leadership positions with 3Com Asia Pacific, Olivetti, Digital Equipment and SAP. Notably, he was responsible for the success of the Alpha 64-bit introduction into the region and was instrumental in the growth of SAP in Australia and New Zealand during the 1990s. Don resides in Sydney, Australia and travels rigorously around the world managing teams to keep ahead of the fast-evolving industry. His personal philosophy is to “change mindsets through influence” and he advocates that performance management is more than performance monitoring.

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