Are we too close to customers?

SAS CMO Jim Davis and SAS CEO Jim Goodnight speaking to customers at SAS Global Forum

At SAS, our marketing and R&D divisions work together with customers to develop software products. Droves of our developers attend SAS users group conferences to talk to customers, demo new technologies and get user feedback. We have three customer advisory boards who tell us how they’re using SAS products, what they’ll need next, and what they think of our product road maps.

Our CEO Jim Goodnight is active with customer visits and still rolls up his sleeves to develop software. We give annual awards for user feedback, and to customers who are doing amazing things with SAS software

Yep - we’re close to customers, and one of our specialties is helping you get closer to yours. Check out the latest issue of sascom magazine (html or digital version) to find out how we’re helping Expedia increase customer lifetime value and Danske Bank weed out high-risk customers.

 Also in this issue, surprising facts about cloud computing and new ways to access secure, interactive SAS dashboards on your favorite mobile devices.


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  1. I've spent the last two weeks visiting SAS customers in New Zealand and Australia as part of the SAS Insights series, and I'm not done yet. I believe that these proactive visits to customers, visiting real SAS users, is part of what sets SAS apart as a software company and partner. I'm grateful for the chance to help teach customers how they can get the most from their SAS investment, and also for the chance to learn from these creative and innovative SAS users.

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