Three real-world examples of text analytics


Thousands of people have participated in this year's Applying Business Analytics Webinar Series, and now is your chance to get in on it too!

Whether you are able to join in live on July 20 or view later on demand, you'll want to catch the complimentary Webinar, “Text Analytics – An Inside Perspective,” featuring real-world case studies from the Financial Services, Manufacturing and Government sectors. In each case study, the business need, pragmatic approach and adoption considerations are discussed – with insight as to how it can be tested within a business. In addition to the case studies, the webinar features Denise Bedford, Goodyear Professor of Knowledge Management at Kent State University. Bedford has held positions at NASA, The World Bank, Intel Corporation, Stanford University, the American Mathematical Association, the University of California, University of Michigan and University of Southern California.

We invite you to join Denise and learn about:

  • Ways to improve performance by creating efficiencies in how information is defined, organized and accessed.
  • The organizations' various business needs, strategic approaches and adoption considerations.
  • Strategies for interpreting, mining and structuring information to reveal hidden insights in document.

So tune in next week to learn how text analytics can help free your organizations from content chaos to create efficiencies in how information is defined, organized and accessed.


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