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Keeping track of day-to-day cases involving financial crimes spanning multiple business lines, departments, accounts, transactions and business objectives can be a daunting task for investigators and a risky one for the compliance department.

The latest release of SAS Enterprise Case Management 2.3 is helping investigators manage and streamline the workflow of their everyday tasks while giving them the tools to get a more comprehensive look at their most important cases. SAS Enterprise Case Management enforces best practices and proper gathering of evidence, which greatly reduces investigative costs. The solution provides a structured environment for managing investigation workflows, attaching comments or documentation and recording financial information, such as exposures and losses. This gives investigators more power, flexibility and task automation, without having to rely on IT for support.
Some of the new benefits include:

  • Creating customized, automated workflows.
  • Streamlining processes for more effective investigations.
  • Uniting departments at an enterprise level.
  • Creating and delivering more comprehensive reports for management oversight.

You'll also find some enhanced features such as case network analysis to help users take advantage of visualizations and functionality. Case network analysis information can be incorporated into the system to construct networks of individuals who may have been tracked and disposed of through SAS Enterprise Case Management, thus providing richer information and a holistic view of the customer. A new spell check allows users to run spell checks for free-form text fields, including comment areas and regulatory reporting narratives. Historical versioning can help users review changes made to selected fields at the subject level, incident level and case level. With this capability, investigators can easily see where changes have been made in their case system from prior versions, saving them time by eliminating the need to check for differences between versions manually.

This solution will be running at BB&T in the US and Santander Bank in the Netherlands. It is also being evaluated by several other key organizations in the insurance, health care, and government industries. Read more about what these organizations can do with SAS Enterprise Case Management.

There are still many organizations that are struggling with data scattered across multiple, disparate systems. If yours is still plagued by poor data integration and lack of alerts, it may be difficult to consolidate, correlate and solve key cases. This can cost your organization millions of dollars each day. SAS enterprize case management integrates the data and can stretch your investigative resources by automating your approach. It works through cases with the highest risk first - both avoiding and recovering losses.


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