Six questions organization need to ask before embarking on business analytics


Jim Davis, SAS CMO’s keynote address at the Premier Business Leadership Series this morning was about anticipating and managing change, including these six questions all organizations need to ask:

  1. Where should we leverage business analytics? Any part of a business can benefit, but the payoff is greatest where you are playing to your strength, not where you are playing catch-up.
  2. Why now? Because the technology is ready. Because your competitors are likely exploring the possibilities of analytical competition, too. Because it may take a while to come up the learning curve and realize the payoff.
  3. What’s the payoff? Do not do these projects if you can’t define business value or if they’re going to take more than a year. It’s about biting off chunks and making progress.
  4. What information and technology do we use? Recognize that it’s not about building a data warehouse and it’s not just about structured data.
  5. What kind of people do we need? Success is based on having people who are committed to fact-based decision making, and on having an organization that’s committed to their ongoing effectiveness. Help them get the training and education they need to help them stay relevant.
  6. What role do the senior executives play? It’s not about the C-level executives getting together and throwing money at problems. Change is personal and everyone must see that executive team is involved, sleeves rolled up, embracing change.

More on this topic is available in the sascom article, "Six questions to ask about your company’s information."


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