"The best anti-fraud models that the marketplace can offer"


Every day I see news reports of financial organizations and consumers falling victim to yet another payment fraud scheme. Whether it is through a card, wire, online banking or another channel, fraudsters are becoming much more savvy in the way they attack.

Financial organizations need to rethink their arsenal of technologies that have become outdated and switch to more modern techniques that keep up with the strategies of today's fraudsters. As I interview our clients and talk to experts in the field, it has become more apparent to me that they need enhanced processes and technologies to become more proactive in their detection of fraud.

Check out this customer video that shows how one global organization is reshaping their approach to tackling fraud before it happens, using real time analysis and alert detection capabilities that extend across the enterprise. HSBC has implemented a true enterprise fraud platform.

You'll catch a glimpse of some innovative techniques that can provide:

  • Real-time scoring of 100% of all transactions.
  • Unique customer signature files that allow models to detect pattern changes in customer behavior that may indicate a fraudulent activity.
  • Multiple analytical approaches including fraud network analysis for detecting the most sophisticated crimes rings.
  • Integrated case management capabilities for managing multiple alerts from multiple fraud systems.
  • Dashboard reporting for communicating results such as operational efficiencies, more effective resource utilization, improved false positive ratios, and fraud reduction.

Even, if you're not in banking, it's worth thinking about how you can apply these same concepts in your organization to deter fraudsters. We've also seen great fraud detection successes from insurance companies and government agencies.


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