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A new SAS Analytics Facebook page helps customers, prospects, partners and employees connect via a larger online community. As part of our efforts to reach out to customers and raise awareness about analytics, we created a SAS Analytics Facebook page, and it's ready for you to "like."

What's to "like"?

Whether you are at the listen, share or create stage in your own social media journey, the SAS Analytics Facebook page is a place for you to connect with those interested in analytics. We invite everyone to 'like' the page and start participating. You can ask a question, share news and information, and provide useful information for others through this new channel. Doing so makes the good things people are doing with analytics more visible, relevant and reliable. Ways to get involved

  • "Like" the new SAS Analytics Facebook page.
  • Share and "suggest" the SAS Analytics Facebook page with your friends and colleagues so that they can receive updates in their Facebook news feeds each day.
  • Share valuable and interesting analytical related content on the SAS Analytics Facebook page.
  • Link to relevant information, articles, successes and more that you are reading about or doing with analytics.

Why is SAS on Facebook?

Studies show Facebook is the No. 1 social network in the world with roughly 500 million active users, half of which log on daily. Seventy percent of users are outside United States, and 68 percent of U.S. If our customers are there, we want to be there too.


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Kristine Vick

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Kristine is an energetic, innovative, results focused marketing practitioner. She strives to share great analytical stories and successes. Kristine helps others see the big picture while taking care of details and thinking of creative ways to get more done!

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