Data Mining 101: How data mining can deliver insights and improve performance


We’re getting ready for the third webinar in the SAS Applying Business Analytics webinar series. This webinar explores how to ensure the success of advanced analytic applications. It’s designed for line-of-business vice presidents, directors, managers and others who want to explore, develop, act and collaborate on making fact-based decisions. So mark your calendar and plan to attend SAS' Data Mining 101 webinar on June 16th.

Hosted by Tapan Patel, SAS Product Marketing Manager and Wayne Thompson, SAS Product Manager, the live webinar will highlight how data mining can deliver insights about organizations' daily operations and enable them to improve performance. During the 1-hour session participants will learn how SAS can help organizations:

  • Discover and interpret hidden insights with speed, scale and accuracy.
  • Improve quality and precision of modeling results.
  • Act on results to improve performance and gain higher return from data assets.
  • Monitor performance of analytic models over time to verify accuracy and avoid decay.

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Join us and spread the word about this webinar via Twitter. Simply tweet your thoughts as you attend, and use the hashtag #abaws in your tweets. About the series

Data Mining 101 is the third installment in the 2010 Applying Business Analytics Webinar Series, which is designed to enable organizations to learn from the best business, product marketing and tech experts as they highlight the value of a complete business analytics framework. We encourage you to join the sessions live or view sessions on demand at your leisure. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the webinar series!


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