Who influenced the social media launch conversation?


Based on the influence score we're using in the SAS Social Media Analytics product, the following people were the top ten influencers participating in the Twitter conversation during the launch announcement.

For this situation, the influence score was based on how often the person wrote about the topic, how often their topic-specific posts were retweeted and how many followers they have. In the full version of the product, users can customize the way this score is calculated.

So, here they are, the top most influential Twitter users during the SAS Social Media Analytics launch:

  1. Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan)
  2. Justin Levy (@justinlevy)
  3. Esteban Kolsky (@ekolsky)
  4. Wayne Sutton (@waynesutton)
  5. Brent Leary (@brentleary)
  6. Shannon Paul (@shannonpaul)
  7. Katie Delahaye Paine (@kdpaine)
  8. Richard MacManus (@rww)
  9. Jesus Hoyos (@jesus_hoyas)
  10. Paul Greenberg (@pgreenbe)

Note: This list excludes SAS employees who tweeted during the event.


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