Visualize Whirled Peas?


Saw an interesting Tweet (a post on Twitter) from investor and writer Paul Kedrosky today:

"geeks only: five best data visualization projects of the year"

The link takes you to the FlowingData blog (created by a PhD statistics student in NY), and a post on some amazing examples of visualization (I particularly like to ones from the BBC).

While these certainly are exciting to "geeks," rocket scientists and quantitative experts, it's important to note that mainstream business users are also embracing visualization as a way to, as my colleague Anne Milley likes to say, make the invisible visible.

SAS Visual Data Discovery and JMP software from SAS are helping businesses every day to explore, interact with and understand their data. JMP just launched its latest version, JMP 8 (check out the cool interactive demo). Yes, rocket scientists use it. But so do communications consultants, online ticket sellers, guitar-string manufacturers, even race car drivers.

Are you using visualization in your business? If so, please let me know. And Happy Holidays!


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