Heading Into AHIP - Looking for that "moment of insight"


As we head into the week before America’s Health Insurance Plan’s annual Institute, just a few thoughts……..

How healthy is our healthcare system? It depends of course on your definition of healthy. Imagine spending 24/7 tirelessly working to improve “the system” and always being painted as the “bad guy.” What core values must exist within individuals who work tirelessly to collaborate with many players throughout the healthcare spectrum, all the while knowing that too often journalists and politicians love to lay blame on your industry? Such is the work in the health insurance industry.

Depending upon your viewpoint, there are multiple reasons why AHIP’s Institute 2008 is a valuable event personally and professionally. AHIP provides direct access to those “in the know” politically with timely discussion and predictions around where healthcare is headed. AHIP provides a single forum to join colleagues in discussing and exploring new approaches to balance costs with evidence-based medical practice and quality of outcomes. AHIP allows for new issues to be examined as to fads, trends or calls-for-substantive change. Finally AHIP allows all players engaged in the Health Plan business to come together and recharge. The energy and excitement after three days at AHIP is undeniable.

I am excited about engaging in discussions around next-generation consumerism in healthcare. I look forward to examining what must take place to bring about a new breed of analytics to support improvement in healthcare. I feel we are just beginning to recognize what it will take to bring value to health information exchanges and want to bounce some ideas off others. After hearing Clayton Christensen discuss “disruptive remedy for healthcare” in Washington this past April, I want to hear him again. Finally, I wonder what the “moment of insight” for me will be this year. Last year it was author Malcolm Gladwell (Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking) discussing change in healthcare in terms of the latest hot band to spring on the scene versus Fleetwood Mac’s music - nurtured and developed over the years (conceptual innovation versus experimental innovation).

Perhaps most of all, I look forward to again being reminded how pervasive the dedication is within health plans to really trying to be a part of a solution for a healthier healthcare system.

So I look forward to sharing thoughts after attending AHIP sessions and look forward to your thoughts and feedback!




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Rick Ingraham

Principal Industry Consultant

Rick has served as Health Intelligence Officer within SAS Federal, LLC since April 2011. He presents 20+ years of executive-level health experience in both the provider and payer settings and served SAS as senior healthcare strategist for 1998 to 2008. He served as global health & life sciences director within Teradata until rejoining SAS in 2011

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