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Since Dave mentioned the M&Ms, I thought I'd pop in here for a few minutes and tell you my long-standing theory on the M&Ms at SAS. I've always joked that we lace them with fertility drugs before placing them in the break rooms. That's possible, right?

Look, I've worked here in various positions since 1999, and there's pretty much always been at least one person in my department with a bun in the oven. Around here, it's not unusual to find three or four co-workers in a single department pregnant at the same time. In my early days, when I worked at the SAS Cary campus, there was a good, solid year where the lunchtime conversations revolved completely around babies, pregnancies and childbirth (with background accompaniment from the famous SAS cafe pianist, of course).

Since my three children were all conceived and born in states that are far removed from North Carolina and the SAS M&Ms, I can't personally blame my fertility on the break room snack. Or can I? After all, I do still eat handfuls of the peanut variety when I'm in Cary on business trips. And my oldest son's favorite snack? Hands down, plain M&Ms. Coincidence? You decide.

Whether or not we blame the M&Ms, I'd like to introduce my new baby girl. Her name is Zanna, and she's hanging out with me now in a cozy, orange baby sling. My maternity leave ended officially last week, but I've been on vacation this week and will be for all of next week. After that, you'll be hearing from me again here with more regularity. Until then, meet Zanna ... my new SAS baby:

SAS Baby

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