A few new voices


If you're tired of hearing about me, my magazine and my basement, then you're in luck. We've recruited a handful of contributors who will also start posting here over the next few weeks. To keep up with who's who, be sure to pay attention to the "posted by" notation at the bottom of each post.

I'll try to do introductions as they come up, and I'll try to track down some photos of the contributors too. Watch for a contributor's bio page or sidebar of quick bios to show up soon.

The first co-contributor you'll hear from is Chris Hemedinger. He's a software manager in SAS R&D who works with the team that develops SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office. You may have met him in person at past SESUG or SUGI conferences or online in the Enterprise Guide discussion forum. You'll want to stay tuned, because his first post will be about - of all things - high school.

Welcome aboard, Chris. We're glad to be adding your voice to the mix.


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