Birthday preoccupation


Walking through the Raleigh-Durham airport recently, I overheard a young woman say to her friends, "Right now I'm only 19. But on October 19th, I'll be 20 ... and then next year on October 19th, I'll be 21."

I was trying to remember the last time I looked forward to a birthday with that much vigor and decided it must have been the year I turned 30. I'm not telling when that was, but I will tell you that I was pregnant at the time, and I spent the week in northern Arizona with my husband shopping for art, riding a train to the Grand Canyon and dreaming happy dreams about our first child.

Yep, 30 was good for me. And 30 was good for SAS too. Recently, SAS announced that 2006 was its 30th year of increased revenues.

How did SAS celebrated its 30th year in business? By honoring its long-time users with Silver Circle Awards. We featured the honorees in the latest sascom, but you can find more in-depth profiles about their careers online. Congratulations again to all the winners.

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