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I telecommute for SAS from my home in Ohio where I have a nice, little corner office in the basement of our ranch-style house. So I come down here every day and sit in front of the computer for eight hours in my jeans, my cozy sweaters and my snow boots. I drink coffee, talk on the phone and send e-mails. I write headlines, interview experts and brainstorm with designers. I do a lot of things to help produce the quarterly sascom magazine that many of you read. Now, I'll also be writing posts for this blog.

That's pretty much what people picture when they think about blogging, isn't it? Some lone soul humming and chatting away at her computer screen from a quiet corner of her house? Well, that's me.

What are my plans for sascom voices? I hope to write a lot about the personalities and ideas in sascom and what goes on behind the scenes to produce a timely, enterprise magazine four times a year. I look forward to communicating directly with the magazine's readers for content ideas and editorial suggestions. Plus, I'm planning to include guest posts from our columnists, our product managers, our friends in R&D - and more. You'll get to hear from some of your favorite SAS voices, and I'll introduce you to some new voices you'll want to hear from again.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you keep reading.


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Alison Bolen

Editor of Blogs and Social Content

Alison Bolen is an editor at SAS, where she writes and edits content about analytics and emerging topics. Since starting at SAS in 1999, Alison has edited print publications, Web sites, e-newsletters, customer success stories and blogs. She has a bachelor’s degree in magazine journalism from Ohio University and a master’s degree in technical writing from North Carolina State University.

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