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Top 10 posts of 2013

Last year was a big year for this blog. We had monthly posts about influential statisticians as part of our celebration of the first-ever International Year of Statistics. We gave previews of  JMP 11 and, once the software was released, showed you how to make use of the new features

Win a set of statistics mugs

The International Year of Statistics is nearly at an end. All year long, we've been celebrating statisticians. We've also been giving out sets of coffee/tea mugs with cute statistical puns. Now it's time to bring these two things together. The first 10 readers who leave a comment saying which of

Celebrating statisticians: Karl Pearson

In celebration of the International Year of Statistics, the final statistician we celebrate is Karl Pearson. His work in the late 19th and early 20th centuries laid the structure of mathematical statistics. Born March 27, 1857, in London, England, Pearson was raised in an upper-middle class family. He studied mathematics

Celebrating statisticians: Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss

Statistics wouldn’t be what it is today without Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss, a German scientist. He was born April 30, 1777, in Braunschweig and died Feb. 21, 1855, in Göttingen. Born as the only son of a poor worker’s family with illiterate parents, he was a child prodigy. Luckily, teachers,

Sitting down with Nate Silver

 “Visually, it’s easier to present uncertainty.” – Nate Silver About a year ago, I approached the chair-elect of the Biopharmaceutical Section of the American Statistical Association and asked "How can I be involved?" He replied that there was a podcasting initiative they were hoping to get off the ground, and

Celebrating statisticians: William Sealy Gosset (a.k.a. Student)

To many of us, whether statistician or not, the name William Sealy Gosset may be unrecognizable. His pseudonym Student, however, reveals him as one of the most prominent statisticians in history. Student’s t-test is an important part of every introductory statistics course, making everyone from single-statistics-course students to those who

Celebrating Statisticians: John W. Tukey

“Statistics is a science in my opinion, and it is no more a branch of mathematics than are physics, chemistry and economics;  for if its methods fail the test of experience – not the test of logic – they are discarded.”  - John Wilder Tukey “Box plot,” “stem and leaf plot,”

Celebrating statistics with Denise Lievesley

In celebration of the International Year of Statistics, we reached out to a few British statisticians to ask them to share a few thoughts on statistics as a discipline, statisticians and applied statistics. The United Kingdom has a rich statistical history, and we are pleased to share some of these

Celebrating statisticians: W. Edwards Deming

As part of the International Year of Statistics, this month we celebrate the American statistician, consultant, author and a founding father of quality management, Dr. W. Edwards Deming. If you’ve taken a course in quality management, continuous improvement or industrial statistics, you’ve no doubt been introduced to Deming and his

Statisticians: harbingers of doom?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official. We’ve reached the midpoint of the International Year of Statistics. Or as Bon Jovi would put it: “Whoa… we’re halfway there… whoa--OH!  livin’ on a prayer.” (Seriously, it’s hard not to sing this song when you reach the halfway point of anything.) If you somehow

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