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Helping JMP users to become experts

I discovered that I was an outlier until Saturday, when I bought a new car: I am the only salesperson in their forties that I have known to own a single car for their whole career. Over the course of owning it for the best part of eight years, I

Here's help with screening experiments

As we head into February, your 2014 goals are likely already made, and the work on meeting those goals has begun in earnest. For many scientists and experimenters, that means designing the first set of experiments for projects. Many times, those experiments will be screening experiments, experiments designed to identify

Get discount on JMP training

JMP customers can now receive a 25% discount when pre-purchasing training in bulk. A minimum purchase of $6,000 will buy 8,000 SAS Training Points. When you are ready to purchase training, just remember that 1 point = $1 worth of JMP training (some exclusions apply). This is a great opportunity

Analytical cultures: Nurture yours through training

As an organic gardener with spring approaching, I have seeds and soil on my mind. I like to see seeds sprout, grow, flourish and either bloom or bear fruit. To do that, I plant the seeds in nourishing organic compost, provide sufficient water, light and care (and hope for season-appropriate

1 location, 2 courses, 3 days of JMP training

Here's a great training opportunity for new JMP users in the Chicago area: We have scheduled our top two courses back-to-back March 20-22 at our Chicago training center. The three-day training will begin with JMP Software: Data Exploration, our introduction course that teaches students how to manage, analyze and explore

Quality by Design (QbD) using JMP

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with course developer and JMP instructor Heath Rushing to talk about his new course “Quality by Design (QbD) Using JMP Software.” This course focuses on how to establish a systematic approach to pharmaceutical development that is defined by Quality-by-Design principles using design

Popular JMP courses added to public schedule

As part of the Discovery Summit conference in September, several new JMP courses made their debut. Because these three courses were so popular, we have just added them to the JMP Public Training schedule. Each course illustrates some of the key features in JMP 10 and offers a great opportunity

JMP training at Discovery Summit 2012

Here are even MORE reasons to attend the upcoming Discovery Summit 2012! By now you know that many exciting new features were added to  JMP 10. But did you know that three new training courses covering some of these features will be unveiled at the upcoming Discovery Summit 2012? The three

JMP videos on YouTube

Working with JMP the other day, I wanted to further analyze the output data in a JMP report, but wasn’t sure how to create a new data table that factored in multiple data sets. Browsing the JMP YouTube channel, I came across Amelia Volger’s most recent how-to video, “How to

Watch Quality by Design webinar over lunch

Does your company have an effective Quality by Design (QbD) program? Have you shown that you can efficiently determine critical process parameters and justify a control strategy using a thorough understanding of both the product and process? These are the requirements of QbD. Although initiated in pharmaceutics in Q8 Pharmaceutical

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