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Using data points to fill a graphic with color

When dealing with graphs and plots, we will very likely need to fill colors in a graph to highlight an area or distinguish it from other shapes. You may know how to shade regular shapes, but what about irregular polygons and contours? You can do can this easily to any

How to stack data for a Oneway analysis

The data you want to import into JMP often requires some manipulation before it’s ready to be analyzed in JMP. Sometimes data is arranged so that a row contains information for multiple observations. To prepare your data for analysis, you must restructure it so that each row of the JMP

How to create an axis break in JMP

I’ve been asked three times this year about how to make a graph in JMP with an axis break. Before I show how, I want to ask “Why?” The obvious answer to “Why?” is “to show items with very different values in one graph,” but that’s a little unsatisfying. I

New in JMP 12: Data Table support for images (part 2)

Author’s note: Today’s example applies to a map created in Graph Builder, but you can use this approach in the majority of platforms in JMP. In part one of this two-part series, I showed an example of the support for images in data tables in JMP 12. Today, I’ll show

Have you tried the New User Welcome Kit?

We launched the New User Welcome Kit about six weeks ago, and we've already gotten great response from JMP users. Hundreds have tried it already. What is it? It's an interactive web resource that helps you get comfortable with the basics of JMP – at your own pace. You follow

1,000 posts and counting

I'm happy to report that we posted our 1,000th post at the JMP Blog yesterday, with Ryan Lekivetz's post on using space filling designs to explore data about his work commute! Ryan's post is an example of the technical content that JMP Blog readers love best. So, I looked back

How to create custom menus in JMP

Two of the biggest reasons our users love JMP are its interactivity and its ability to dramatically reduce the time needed to perform routine yet critical analysis tasks. Indeed, the primary strengths of JMP lie in the ways in which it differs from conventional software, and we repeatedly hear from users

JMP graphics tip: Alphabetic markers

Someone recently asked me about using letters instead of built-in symbols in JMP scatterplots. In case others are wondering the same thing, here's the long answer. In addition to the 32 built-in symbols, you can use any character as a marker for a scatterplot. The easiest way to set a

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