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Beyond Spreadsheets: Tom Treynor, Zymergen

“The software you use not only shapes what you learn from your data; it shapes the questions you ask!” -- Tom Treynor, Director, Zymergen The Beyond Spreadsheets blog series shows how JMP customers are augmenting their tools and processes for exploratory data analysis to make breakthrough discoveries. The series features

What-if analysis with JMP (no spreadsheets) -- Part 5

Last week, I showed how the Excel Add-In for JMP can bring more value to Excel spreadsheets for what-if analysis and optimization. Today, we’ll look at how using that same data from within JMP alone is more elegant. First, let’s look at the Excel spreadsheet from last week's post (see

Scenario-based planning & optimization in Excel & JMP -- Part 4

Over the past few weeks, we’ve looked at the rise of Excel’s usage and popularity, and I've noted that Excel has made forays into analytics. Today, we’ll look at one type of analysis: scenario-based planning and optimization. Using Excel add-ins, you can create what-if analysis and scenario-based planning using Monte

More spreadsheet challenges -- Part 3

Last week, we looked at the first scenario in our example showing some guesswork that Excel performs when adding to existing data that are included in a formula. This week, we’ll look at Scenarios 1b and 2, which further show the behavior of Excel after rows are inserted within a

Strengths and weaknesses of spreadsheets -- Part 2

Last week, I shared some of the many stories about errors in Excel spreadsheets that led to misinformation and to a  path toward incorrect decisions. Today, we’ll explore why such errors can be potentially pervasive. The power of the spreadsheet has always been its interactive ease of use. It allows

Why spreadsheets can lead to error -- Part 1

In 2010, esteemed Harvard professors Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff published the paper “Growth in a Time of Debt.” It soon became powerful supporting evidence for those who argued against growing government spending, even in times of needed economic stimulation. The paper looked at the debt levels of many different