Omne trium perfectum: JMP add-in for WinBUGS

There's a bit of Latin that states "omne trium perfectum" or "everything that comes in threes is perfect." I had not set out to write three posts in a row on Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC), but sometimes the stars align in such a way that the story continues to

Analyzing adverse events using Bayesian hierarchical models

You may be asking yourself… “Two Bayesian posts in a row? What is going on?” Though my statistical training focused on Frequentist methodologies, I am a big believer in using whatever tools help me gain insight into the statistical problem I happen to be focusing on at the moment. Frequentist

Using JMP to evaluate MCMC diagnostics

It’s no secret that JMP excels in the visual exploration of data. There’s a healthy dose of statistics, too. But when asked about Bayesian methods, JMP is probably not the first software package that comes to mind. JMP 10 does contain Bayesian D-optimal and I-optimal designs in our design of experiments (DOE) features,