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Top-rated conference papers and posters

One of the best reasons to attend a Discovery Summit conference is to learn from other JMP users. The conference features high-quality paper and poster presentations that show how using  JMP helped to solve a business problem. The recent meeting in Amsterdam was no exception to this. Fortunately, many of

You have less than a week to enter the call for papers

Last week, we heard from some amazing presenters at Discovery Summit Europe. Their topics varied greatly, but they all had at least one thing in common: They took the time to enter the call for papers. Sending your abstract in is the first step, and it’s an easy one. But

French JMP users meet near Marseille

The plan was for French JMP users to meet in the south of France, which is usually a very pleasant place in April. Unfortunately, this year was simply cold and rainy, but that did not keep JMP users from gathering in Marseille. The users were welcomed by Jean-Francois Christaud, Device

Submit a paper for Discovery Summit 2013

The Discovery Summit 2013 call for papers opens today, and the steering committee wants to hear from you. JMP users are second to none when it comes to solving problems through data exploration and analysis. So submit a paper or poster abstract that describes how you’ve solved real problems with

Mobile app for Discovery Summit now available

Are you going to Discovery Summit 2011 in Denver in a couple of weeks? I am. And I just I downloaded the free conference app onto my iPhone. The app just became available from the the Apple iTunes store today. So if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Meet keynote speaker John Sall

John Sall, JMP's leader and a leader in the field of analytics, will deliver a keynote speech the first full day of Discovery Summit 2011 in Denver next month. Co-founder and Executive Vice President of SAS, John joins Jeff Ma, David Salsburg and Jonah Lehrer in the lineup of featured

Seeking panelists for JSL session at Discovery Summit

Wayne Levin of Predictum posted a message on the JMP User group on Facebook looking for a couple of panelists to present at an advanced JMP Scripting Language session at Discovery Summit. I thought readers of the JMP Blog might like to see Wayne's note as well: Attention, JSL scripters:

Check out the Discovery Summit agenda

We have many thought-provoking talks and valuable networking events planned for Discovery Summit 2011. Check out the agenda, now available online. You’ll be able to peruse the breakout session abstracts and see the special events that are in store. For those of you who are new to Discovery Summit, here’s

How to make practical sense of data (and win a book)

Kaiser Fung is a statistician with more than a decade of experience in applying statistical methods to unlocking the relationship between marketing and customer behaviors. He leads a team of statisticians at Sirius XM Radio responsible for gaining insight into customers and operational best practices. You may know him from

It’s Time to Register for Discovery Summit 2011

If you’ve been to the Discovery Summit before, you know it’s not one to miss. Registration is now open for the analytics event of the year, Sept. 13-16 in Denver. If you haven’t attended, consider what you’ll get out of the experience. 10 event takeaways • Breakout presentations from some

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