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When are the Summer Games, historically?

The Summer Games are over, and here's one thing that surprised me. I had assumed that since Rio is in the southern hemisphere, where it’s currently winter, the Games would be shifted a couple months, as they were for Sydney. I’ve since learned that Rio is very pleasant in the winter

Making sense of sensor data with JMP

Scientists and engineers who work with high-density sensors face data problems that can make getting insights from data more challenging. Whether you’re trying to make sense of information from industrial devices living on the Internet of Things or monitoring health and fitness parameters, JMP provides an ideal sandbox for sifting

13 helpful (and lucky) JMP scripting tips

Syntax got your tongue? I've compiled 13 JMP Scripting Language tips that I've found handy while learning JSL syntax: 1. Concatenating strings (see Craige Hales' post on this) places = {"world", "planet", "globe", "Earth"}; statement = "Hello " || places[2] || "!"; The above code creates the string "Hello planet!" 2. Referring to table column

Banner-fying your images

These days, customization of social media profiles is crucial. Everyone can find images to populate their banners, walls and timelines. But sometimes, banner images don't quite cut it. Especially, if you're anything like me, you aren't satisfied with only one picture for your LinkedIn profile banner (particularly if you have multiple

An algorithm for otters

In order to protect endangered species, it's essential to monitor them. Our mission at WildTrack is to develop and implement better techniques for monitoring endangered species. Specifically, we’re interested in non-invasive and cost-effective approaches to monitoring, and our footprint identification technique (FIT) is an example of such an approach. Since

Using data points to fill a graphic with color

When dealing with graphs and plots, we will very likely need to fill colors in a graph to highlight an area or distinguish it from other shapes. You may know how to shade regular shapes, but what about irregular polygons and contours? You can do can this easily to any

Using the Disallowed Combinations Filter in JMP 12

In a previous blog post, I investigated my travel time to work using an estimate from Google Maps. In that post, my possible departure times to and from work were the same every day. However, it’s not uncommon in designs, even when using computer simulators, to have restrictions on the

Graph makeover: Measles heat map

The Wall Street Journal recently published a nice, interactive graphic piece called "Battling Infectious Diseases in the 20th Century: The Impact of Vaccines," which contains a series of graphs showing the incidence of selected infectious diseases by state and year. Here's the one for measles. My first impression was, "Wow,

What color is The Dress? JMP can tell you!

The Internet was abuzz last week over a picture of a blue and black dress. Or was that a white and gold dress? That was the question. What color is that dress? Well, as a guy, my immediate response was, "Who cares?" What I wanted to know is: Is that

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