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JMP 13 Preview: More enhancements to generalized regression

Clay Barker has been busy extending the usefulness of the Generalized Regression platform in JMP Pro, adding many new models and enhancing ease of use. Generalized Regression (or GenReg for short) debuted in JMP Pro 11 as the place to do a trio of popular penalized regression techniques: Lasso, Elastic

JMP 13 Preview: New text analytics in JMP Pro

Building on the new features in JMP 13 for exploring unstructured text data, JMP Pro 13 enables you to do more with text data, like cluster terms and phrases and use text in predictive models. You’ll be able to answer more questions, scale to larger data and stay in flow.

It's time to update your copy of JMP 12 and JMP Pro 12

Are you using JMP 12 or JMP Pro 12? If so, please read on.... A maintenance update for JMP 12 and JMP Pro 12 is now available, and it’s recommended for all users and sites. What's in JMP 12.2? JMP 12.2 includes bug fixes and a few new features, including:

Ranking basketball teams, using Generalized Regression

The days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting cooler. That means that my favorite time of year is almost here: basketball season. Having spent most of my life on Tobacco Road, I'm not sure that I had any choice but to love playing and watching the game. As

Gap analysis of JMP for marketing and consumer research

One of the key application areas for JMP is consumer and market research. As I was invited to give a presentation on JMP for marketing analytics, I was curious about how complete the capabilities of JMP are. I wondered whether there are any significant gaps. At a recent American Marketing Association conference

Discovery Summit 2015 live blog: John Sall

SAS co-founder and JMP creator John Sall gives a keynote speech at Discovery Summit 2015 in San Diego, California, titled "A Few of My Favorite Things." Sall takes a deep dive into a few aspects of what he likes best about JMP and JMP Pro. You may be surprised and

Beyond Spreadsheets: Amy Clayman, Voice Systems Engineering

“When building a predictive model, we find the JMP Pro interfaces to be very intuitive, allowing us to work closely with other JMP Pro users to build the model together.” -- Amy Clayman, Data-Driven Decisions Circle, VSE Beyond Spreadsheets is a blog series that highlights how JMP customers are augmenting

What statistical details do you want documented?

The documentation for JMP must meet the needs of JMP users with a diverse set of backgrounds. The needs of one group of users can differ markedly from the needs of another group. For instance, some users report that there is too much statistical jargon in the documentation, while others

Top 10 things about JMP 12

JMP 12 arrives next week, and I hope you've had a chance to read the series of posts by JMP developers about what's coming in this new version. I’ve been using JMP 12 during the entire development cycle (about 18 months now), and I am impressed how this version has

Coming in JMP Pro 12: Variograms in Fit Mixed

In JMP Pro 11, we introduced the Fit Mixed platform for fitting models with a variety of covariance structures and random effects. With JMP Pro 12, we have improved on this platform, with noticeable changes coming to models with spatial covariance structures. These changes are detailed below. Enhanced speed Fitting

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