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Making better predictive models quickly with JMP

There are many ways of generating a model such as basic linear regression, decision trees, neural nets, and generalized linear models. JMP Pro can be a great tool for data miners, those who want to get more information out of their data and build more accurate predictive models. It incorporates

New in JMP 10 DOE: Pre-specified center runs

When one or more factors in an experiment are continuous, many investigators like to add several runs at the center of the design region. This practice accomplishes two things: 1) It allows for a test of overall curvature. 2) It provides replicated runs, which means that JMP can calculate an

What’s new in JMP training? Categorical data analysis!

The JMP training curriculum is diverse and complex. We offer a range of training for beginners and for advanced users. In addition to our ongoing effort to keep all of the training up to date with new editions, we also create new courses as our user needs evolve. I want

New videos to grow your JMP skills

New demos from live Mastering JMP webcasts are now available for viewing at your leisure. I divided each webcast into two or three videos. Registration is not required to view the videos. Jami Hampton’s videos on Preparing Your Data for Analysis were recorded during the Jan. 20 Mastering JMP live

Embedding images in JSL scripts

Every now and then a question arises that spawns enough discussion that I think it is worthy of a blog post. The topic of discussion around JMP's virtual water cooler this time is the idea of including an image inside a JSL script. A similar discussion arose not long ago

Using images to add context to your data

On more than one occasion, I have been asked why we added image functionality to JMP. After all, JMP is a statistical software package. What is the value of imagery and what can you do with images in JMP? Well, there are a number of reasons for adding the functionality,

Blending images in JMP

A few months ago, a JMP customer contacted JMP Technical Support inquiring about the image functionality in JMP 9. In particular, the customer asked if there was any function that would blend two images together. Tech support forwarded that question to me. I had added some image functionality in JMP

See how to uncover the structure of your data

Uncovering structure and patterns in high-dimensional data are challenges easily met using visualization and analytics in JMP. In a Nov. 10 live webcast, Systems Engineer Chris Kirchberg demonstrated how. I captured the presentation as three demos that you can review at your leisure. Each demo is about 20 minutes long,

Accessing & managing data with JMP – an example

In a previous blog post, I gave an overview on how to access and manipulate data in JMP. I now present a simple case study utilising many of the functionalities for data access and management presented in that prior blog post. The data for this scenario comes from a tablet

Improve your image with JMP 9

If you attended the JMP Discovery Summit 2011 in Denver, Colorado, back in September, you may have sat in on my presentation, Image Isn't Everything But It Sure Is Something in JMP 9. I talked about the image functionality that was added to JMP for version 9, and I demonstrated some

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