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Coming in JMP Pro 12: Variograms in Fit Mixed

In JMP Pro 11, we introduced the Fit Mixed platform for fitting models with a variety of covariance structures and random effects. With JMP Pro 12, we have improved on this platform, with noticeable changes coming to models with spatial covariance structures. These changes are detailed below. Enhanced speed Fitting

Coming in JMP 12: Ternary Plot enhancements

JMP is used to analyze and visualize data with a wide variety of types and relationships. The term mixture is used to describe a collection of variables that sum to a constant value. Mixtures may be observed in gases, liquids or solids, or they may be used as part of

Coming in JMP 12: Multiple Correspondence Analysis

In multivariate analysis, dimension reduction into a small number of factors is the most important step for capturing the variability among a large number of variables. In JMP, we have the Principal Components (PC) platform to do dimension reduction for continuous variables. However, when we have categorical variables, we cannot

Coming in JMP 12: Menu customization on Mac

For the past several versions, JMP users have been able to customize their menu bar on Windows. They can add new menu items, rearrange the existing ones, or simplify their user interface by removing items they don’t use. Now Mac users can do these same things in JMP 12. Users can

Coming in JMP 12: Expression columns in data tables

You asked for pictures in data tables to make the tables more informative; JMP 12 gives you pictures, and more. Objects like matrices and lists, JSL (JMP Scripting Language) code, and JSL expressions for pictures can all be kept in an expression column. Expression columns can provide information for display and

Coming in JMP 12: New Destructive Degradation platform

The reliability of components, devices and complex systems is a critical aspect of the quality experience as viewed, and judged, by consumers. Reliability, which is often defined as “Quality over Time,” requires many different analytical techniques depending on the type of data being used and the goal of the findings

Coming in JMP Pro 12: Interactive model building

The Generalized Regression platform was introduced in JMP Pro 11 for fitting penalized regression models. Our focus for JMP Pro 12 has been to make model building an easy and natural process using the Generalized Regression platform (we like to call it Genreg for short). This post will focus on the

Coming in JMP Pro 12: Four great features of Covering Arrays

Covering arrays are a powerful design tool that may be used to design test cases to efficiently test deterministic systems. For such systems, a particular input will always generate the same output and, as a result, standard statistical designs are usually inefficient. It turns out that failures in these systems

Coming in JMP 12: Interactive HTML Profiler

The Prediction Profiler, or simply Profiler, allows you to explore cross sections of predicted responses across multiple factors. It gives you a wealth of information about your model, and in JMP 12, you can export it to interactive HTML pages to share with others who do not have JMP. The Profiler

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