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An essential book for new JMP users

Are you new to JMP or just use it occasionally to explore and analyze your data? There are many resources that can help you quickly get your work done with JMP, including documentation, webcasts and the User Community. But sometimes, the best thing is a book that guides you, step by step.

Recoding BodyMedia® food log data in JMP

I ended my previous blog post at the point in my JMP Discovery Summit project when I realized the extent of food item name redundancy across my nearly four years of food logs collected with the BodyMedia® Activity Manager app. While I knew I had eaten differently prepared varieties of certain foods, the replication was

Collecting iTunes data – Part 2

In my previous blog post about iTunes data, I showed a simple JMP Scripting Language (JSL) program to parse the iTunes XML file. I ended the post wondering whether the code would perform well on my full 13.3MB iTunes Library.xml file. The JSL program ran in less than a second

Two kinds of dot plots

The name “dot plot” can refer to a variety of completely different graph styles. Well, they have one thing in common: They all contain dots. For analytic use, the two most prominent styles are what we might call the Wilkinson dot plot and the Cleveland dot plot. The Wilkinson dot

Make your empty plots in Graph Builder go away

Graph Builder gets a lot of attention in the JMP Blog and from our customers because it is so flexible. People really like to stretch what it can do and create graphs that communicate with their peers in compelling ways. Recently, a customer asked me whether it was possible to

Get more from Graph Builder: Points with error bars

Error bars are a great way to visually show the variability in your data. They are often seen overlaid on top of bars and points, and a wide range of error bar views is available in Graph Builder in JMP. To see what's possible, let's first build a bar chart

My 4 little-known favorites for the JMP data table

If you work with JMP, then one of your primary points of contact is through the JMP data table. The data table is exceedingly rich in functionality in order to accommodate all different kinds of data and applications. My work with JMP as a software tester requires me to try many different data sources with

Is your state really the best in college basketball?

As we roll up to another college basketball tournament, there is no shortage of rankings of teams and conferences to help avid fans fill out their brackets. A different kind of ranking that recently caught my eye was “Power Ranking the 50 US States by College Basketball Strength” by Kerry

Using JMP to respond to workshop submissions en masse

Greetings, everyone. Sorry for the extra-long blogging hiatus. I have recently been wandering the desert in a self-imposed social media exile (well, mostly) due to some other writing responsibilities. If you’ve been upset over the lack of posts on JMP Clinical or statistics, let me just say that my absence

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