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Michael Berry and Gordon Linoff speak analytically

"Curiosity and creativity are arguably inborn, but intuition for data comes from time spent exploring it," says Michael Berry, Business Intelligence Director at TripAdvisor. Berry and Gordon Linoff, who together co-founded the consultancy Data Miners Inc. and co-wrote the book Data Mining Techniques for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management,

Kaiser Fung on data analysis & information visualization

“Once you can define a problem, it’s a matter of looking for the right techniques and right methodologies to apply to it. And, there are many, many, many methodologies out there. The question is really: Can you pick the right one? And oftentimes that depends on: Did you define the problem in the

First Predictive Analytics World in Boston

Scott Nicholson, formerly of LinkedIn and now with Accretive Health, gave an interesting keynote at the first Predictive Analytics World (PAW) in Boston. It inspired some later discussions on the term "data science." Some of the reactions to the term seem to have a generational element. From conversations I have

Dean Abbott on what makes a good data miner

“Some of the best data miners have a Freakonomics mindset,” says Dean Abbott, President of Abbott Analytics and thought leader in the areas of modeling, data mining and data visualization. These people are curious data sleuths who ask the interesting questions. Abbott discussed this and much more with Anne Milley,

Making better predictive models quickly with JMP

There are many ways of generating a model such as basic linear regression, decision trees, neural nets, and generalized linear models. JMP Pro can be a great tool for data miners, those who want to get more information out of their data and build more accurate predictive models. It incorporates

New videos to grow your JMP skills

New demos from live Mastering JMP webcasts are now available for viewing at your leisure. I divided each webcast into two or three videos. Registration is not required to view the videos. Jami Hampton’s videos on Preparing Your Data for Analysis were recorded during the Jan. 20 Mastering JMP live

Holiday book gift ideas for the analytically minded

The holidays are nearing, and you may have a person with a quantitative bent on your gift list. Perhaps that person is an analyst, engineer, scientist or statistician who works in an organization that is ramping up its analytic efforts. Well, here's help with your holiday shopping! It's a list

Need tips on modeling high-dimensional data?

At the Oct. 13, 2011, Mastering JMP webcast, Systems Engineer Aashish Majethia demonstrated how to use JMP and JMP Pro to model high-dimensional data. These techniques are useful when you have a lot of indicators (columns) but few observations (rows), a situation that makes modeling using linear regression techniques difficult.

Best practices to abound next week in Windy City

Whether you steer strategy from the C-suite or execute operations from your cubical, you can use analytics to transform your organization.  I have continued to gain greater appreciation for the value of analytics at the many conferences that JMP has participated in this fall, including Predictive Analytics World in New

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