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JMP 13 Preview: More enhancements to generalized regression

Clay Barker has been busy extending the usefulness of the Generalized Regression platform in JMP Pro, adding many new models and enhancing ease of use. Generalized Regression (or GenReg for short) debuted in JMP Pro 11 as the place to do a trio of popular penalized regression techniques: Lasso, Elastic

Using analytics to explore the eras of baseball

In my previous post, I showed how we explored the eras of baseball using a simple scatterplot that helped us generate questions and analytical direction. The next phase was figuring out how I might use analytics to aid the “subject matter knowledge” that had been applied to the data. Could

Ranking basketball teams, using Generalized Regression

The days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting cooler. That means that my favorite time of year is almost here: basketball season. Having spent most of my life on Tobacco Road, I'm not sure that I had any choice but to love playing and watching the game. As

Potato chip smackdown: A generalized regression analysis

At this year’s JMP Discovery Summit in San Diego, there were plenty of fantastic talks. After completing the tasting portion of the potato chip smackdown, one that stuck out for me was my colleague Clay Barker’s presentation on using the Generalized Regression personality in the Fit Model platform in creative

Did LeBron James step up his game in the playoffs?

The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the NBA championship despite the best efforts of LeBron James. With the Cavaliers depleted by injuries (particularly to Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving), James was faced with carrying his team against a very talented and well-rounded Warriors team. And he

Coming in JMP Pro 12: Interactive model building

The Generalized Regression platform was introduced in JMP Pro 11 for fitting penalized regression models. Our focus for JMP Pro 12 has been to make model building an easy and natural process using the Generalized Regression platform (we like to call it Genreg for short). This post will focus on the

Why a penalty is good in generalized regression

A penalty can seriously ruin your day. Forget to pay a bill on time, and a late penalty will cost you a few more dollars. When a yellow flag hits the football field, a penalty can cost your favorite team field position, momentum and maybe even some points. But a penalty