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Why attendees love Discovery Summit

Some have called Discovery Summit “the best conference I’ve ever attended.” While that alone is an excellent recommendation, others have even more to say. A 2011 attendee said, “While listening to one speaker, I learned of a different methodology to analyze a particular messy study at work. That one moment of

Registration is open for Discovery Summit

Every year, JMP users and developers get together to challenge theories, benchmark best practices, and share tips, tricks and innovative methods. Discovery Summit is an opportunity for JMP users — including everyone from total beginners to seasoned experts — to explore new strategies and methodologies and ultimately leave better equipped

Kaiser Fung on data analysis & information visualization

“Once you can define a problem, it’s a matter of looking for the right techniques and right methodologies to apply to it. And, there are many, many, many methodologies out there. The question is really: Can you pick the right one? And oftentimes that depends on: Did you define the problem in the

JMP Discovery Summit registration open

Reserve your place at Discovery Summit 2012, hosted by JMP. It’s the analytics event of the year, an interactive forum where theories will be challenged, best practices benchmarked and innovative concepts born. This year it’s taking place in the brand new Executive Briefing Center at SAS world headquarters in Cary,

We want JMP Discovery Summit papers & posters

I know you haven’t forgotten to pencil in Discovery Summit 2012, which will be held Sept. 10 – 13 at SAS world headquarters in Cary, NC. It’s a week spent benchmarking and networking with fellow JMP users, a valuable opportunity that would be a shame to miss. And here’s a

A process for statistical discovery with JMP

When working with users new to JMP, I find it helpful to have a simple process to guide statistical discovery. We statisticians could debate the process of statistical discovery for a long time, but I find the process presented in Figure 1 works for most situations. Assuming we have already

Check out the Discovery Summit agenda

We have many thought-provoking talks and valuable networking events planned for Discovery Summit 2011. Check out the agenda, now available online. You’ll be able to peruse the breakout session abstracts and see the special events that are in store. For those of you who are new to Discovery Summit, here’s

It’s Time to Register for Discovery Summit 2011

If you’ve been to the Discovery Summit before, you know it’s not one to miss. Registration is now open for the analytics event of the year, Sept. 13-16 in Denver. If you haven’t attended, consider what you’ll get out of the experience. 10 event takeaways • Breakout presentations from some

Did JMP Help You Rise to a Challenge?

Tell us how in a paper or poster abstract for Discovery Summit 2011. The Discovery Summit 2011 Steering Committee is inviting you and other JMP users to share how this statistical discovery software from SAS® has solved real problems. If your paper or poster is selected, you will present at

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