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Reducing the time it takes to investigate Salmonella cases

Not only is rapid response by public health authorities to Salmonella cases comforting to the community, but it is also critical to containing the spread of the disease to reduce the likelihood of an outbreak. “Time to investigation,” or how long it takes to investigate a reported Salmonella case, is

Exploring a baseball win streak with JMP 11

Recently, I was talking baseball with my father, who lives in Georgia. Our conversation turned to the recent exploits of my dad's local team, the Atlanta Braves, who had just run off an unexpected 14 straight wins in a row. The streak caught the attention of sports writers at around

Celebrating statisticians: Walter Shewhart

The statistician we are celebrating for the month of July in this International Year of Statistics is known as the “father of statistical quality control”: Walter A. Shewhart. Birth/Death: Shewhart was born in New Canton, Illinois, on March 18, 1891. He died on March 11, 1967, in Troy Hills, New Jersey.

"Quality time" with the Ramírez family

Award-winning authors Brenda Ramírez and José G. Ramírez were our guests for the March installment of Analytically Speaking. If you missed their webcast, it’s now available on demand. During the interview, they discussed how traditional quality techniques – when updated with the latest advances in analytics and data visualization –

Top 5 posts about JMP 10

JMP 10 was released about four months ago, and our bloggers have told you about it in a multitude of posts. Which posts appealed the most to readers? I took a look back and picked out the top five posts about JMP 10 based on the number of views, comments,

What’s a three-way chart, and why would I need one?

When I was at the JMP Discovery Summit last year, several people asked me, “What’s a three-way chart and why would I need one?” Not everyone needs one, but some might. In this blog post, I’ll tell you more about them and why you might want to use them. The

Kentucky Derby: Secretariat was the best of the best!

The first Saturday in May means different things to different people. For me, growing up in New York with a thoroughbred horse-loving family, it meant mint juleps and women wearing hats that monopolized the airspace in the room where we all gathered to watch the “Run for the Roses,” also

Three-way charts, an evolution of the Presummarize Control Chart

Many years ago, we added the Presummarized control charts to JMP version 5 at the request of folks in the semiconductor industry. While there are many types of Presummarized control charts, one of the most common is the chart called, “Individuals on Group Means,” which plots the subgroup average just

Nesting variables in the Control Chart Builder

In my first Control Chart Builder blog post “Control Charts are easy in JMP 10,” I used a column named “Date” on the X-axis. When I downloaded the data, it didn’t arrive as a date; I had to create the date column from the original month and year columns. Traditionally,

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