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Celebrating statisticians: George E.P. Box

In this International Year of Statistics, we at JMP are celebrating famous statisticians on a monthly basis. This month is my turn, and early this year I chose Professor George E.P. Box as the subject of my celebration. I was looking forward to writing this piece because I knew George

Celebrating statisticians: More on Gertrude Cox

Gertrude Cox is indeed an influential statistician worthy of recognition in this International Year of Statistics. She was also part of my family, my maternal grandmother’s sister. I decided one day to learn more about her and spent numerous hours in the North Carolina University Library Archives where a colleague

Celebrating statisticians: Gertrude Cox

This month, we celebrate Gertrude Mary Cox, one of the pioneers of academic statistics departments in the United States and one of the first female statisticians. She has been dubbed the "First Lady of Statistics." Her efforts were fundamental to the development of the vibrant statistics community in the Research

Celebrating Statisticians: J. Stuart Hunter

J. Stuart (“Stu”) Hunter is the statistician we are celebrating in the month of March in this International Year of Statistics. He is considered by many people to be one of the most important and influential statisticians of the last half century, especially with regard to applying statistics to problems

Celebrating statisticians: Florence Nightingale

This month we have chosen Florence Nightingale as an influential statistician to celebrate for the International Year of Statistics. While Florence Nightingale is most well-known as the founder of modern nursing and worldwide healthcare reform, she was also a passionate statistician and a pioneer in statistical graphics. Florence Nightingale was born on

Celebrating statisticians: Ronald A. Fisher

JMP users have spoken! On LinkedIn and Facebook, they overwhelmingly chose Ronald A. Fisher as the influential statistician to be profiled first in the JMP Blog as part of our celebration of the International Year of Statistics. Here's what some voters had to say about Fisher: "Fisher laid the foundations