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Using Geographic and Custom Maps: Videos and Answers

JMP Product Manager Jeff Perkinson presented the April 14 Mastering JMP session, Using Geographic and Custom Maps. I divided his demo into three parts for you to watch at your leisure. By default, JMP installs map files in a Maps directory. Each map consists of two JMP data files with

Follow-Up to Visualizing Data Using Graphics Webcast

On March 10 in her Mastering JMP live webcast, Dara Hammond demonstrated techniques for visualizing data using dynamic graphics. She shared ways to modify, customize, export and animate graphs; manipulate graph axis settings, points and display characteristics; and use the shape and geographic mapping functions to plot results. As promised,

All About Background Maps in JMP 9: JSL Scripting

This blog post is the final one in a series about image-based background maps in JMP 9. Part I of the series introduced background maps, which are a new feature in JMP. It explained why background maps are useful and showed how to access a background map through the user

Mapping Paris Property Prices as They Reach Record High

7,000 -- that's the big number everyone was talking about last week in Paris. 7,000 what? 7,000 Euro/m², that’s the average price prospective buyers now have to pay for properties in Paris. If you are not used to m², 1 m² is roughly equal to 10.8 ft², and whichever way

How to Add Shape Files to the JMP 9 Maps Directory

Many of you are already aware of the new powerful mapping capabilities in JMP 9 that enable you to visualize geographic-based data without having to provide any longitude/latitude or shape information. For example, I can open a data table in JMP that has two columns – the names (or abbreviations)

All About Background Maps in JMP 9: WMS Explorer Add-In

In my previous blog post, I talked about using a Web Map Service (WMS) to generate a background map. The WMS feature is more flexible than the static background maps provided as part of JMP. But it requires the user to find an appropriate WMS server and then determine specific

Stop Creating Custom Maps Manually in JMP

I started to work at JMP this past summer as a student intern. One of my first projects was to create a background map for the office temperatures study. As you probably know, JMP 9 can graph map shapes using built-in map files. JMP can also work from user-created shapes,