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Visualizing geospatial data with the Street Map Service

Back in August 2012, Laura Higgins, a JMP systems engineer, wrote a great blog post titled “Fighting crime using geospatial analysis in JMP.” In that post, she explores crime data for San Francisco. When she was working on that post, she contacted me and asked if there was a way

The dead walk! Visualizing a zombie apocalypse

Halloween is here. It’s a time when the weather gets colder and the leaves fall from the trees. A time when kids dress up in fun costumes and go trick-or-treating. A time when we start thinking about how to spend the holidays with our family and friends. And if you’re like me,

Ready for German elections

In preparation for the federal elections in Germany, the Federal Returning Officer has an interesting and important task: He needs to redraw the constituencies such that the number of constituencies in the individual Länder (states) corresponds as closely as possible to their share of the population. The population of a

An add-in to combine map shapes

With JMP, you can easily show data geographically with maps. However, you can only show your data if the regions you want to show exactly match up with the regions JMP has in its installed maps, or any maps you might have. This makes showing data by larger divisions, like

Creating micromaps in JMP

Editor's Note: This blog post first appeared in August 2011, at the end of blogger Jennifer Baulier's summer internship. We are republishing her blog post now that JMP 10 has been released and the Micromaps add-in discussed in the post is now available in the JMP File Exchange. JMP 10

Visualization of Google Code Jam participation

I've always enjoyed programming contests. I was a regular contestant and sometimes winner in MacTech magazine's Programmer's Challenge in the '90s where the fastest code wins, and I've been a longtime participant and now part-time administrator at Project Euler, where only correctness matters. For the past couple years, I've been

Using images to add context to your data

On more than one occasion, I have been asked why we added image functionality to JMP. After all, JMP is a statistical software package. What is the value of imagery and what can you do with images in JMP? Well, there are a number of reasons for adding the functionality,

New topics for Mastering JMP webcasts this autumn

The autumn lineup of live Mastering JMP webcasts is set. And if you are one of the 2,000+ JMP users who attended a live webcast during the first half of 2011, you'll notice some new topics: • Sept. 29: Finding the Best Predictive Model for Your Data • Oct. 6:

Creating a custom location map in JMP 9

Ever wanted to create a custom map in JMP using your own custom location coordinates? Perhaps you want to map out a new building or landscaping effort so you can visually analyze the project data in JMP. Or perhaps you want to be able to see a layout of your organization’s operations

Interface 2011 and Micromaps

Last week, SAS and JMP hosted Interface 2011: Statistical, Machine Learning, and Visualization Algorithms, 42nd Symposium on the Interface. The deep statistical issues were mostly over my head, but I found enough discussion of visualizations to keep me interested. Leland Wilkinson shared his recent research on Venn diagrams, which may

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