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Data table tools part 1: Custom Date Formula Writer

JMP supports many date/time formats, but some less conventional (or downright esoteric) formats still crop up from time to time. To many users, converting an oddly formatted date/time from string to numeric form is a frustrating endeavor, requiring custom formulas and an assortment of seldom-used string and numeric operations. With

Making sense of sensor data with JMP

Scientists and engineers who work with high-density sensors face data problems that can make getting insights from data more challenging. Whether you’re trying to make sense of information from industrial devices living on the Internet of Things or monitoring health and fitness parameters, JMP provides an ideal sandbox for sifting

Top JMP add-ins of 2015

It's nearly the end of the year, and we are taking a look at the activity in the JMP User Community. Last time, I shared the top content among Discussions posts. Today, we have list of the most popular JMP add-ins, courtesy of community manager Stan Koprowski. Never used a

How to create custom menus in JMP

Two of the biggest reasons our users love JMP are its interactivity and its ability to dramatically reduce the time needed to perform routine yet critical analysis tasks. Indeed, the primary strengths of JMP lie in the ways in which it differs from conventional software, and we repeatedly hear from users

New Journal Text Sledgehammer add-in available

JMP journals are a great way to organize, annotate and present analysis results. You may not know this, but the color, font, size and style of the text content in journals can be formatted. This is an attractive feature, but since each block of text — and each attribute —

New JMP Journal Packager Add-In now available

JMP Journals are a great way to share the results of your analyses. One particularly nice feature of using a journal is that you can include links to as many supporting files as you like. These supporting files do not have to be in the same directory — they can

Happy little trees: An updated Forest Plot Add-In

Recently, I experienced an event that brought me back to my childhood. I was having dinner at my brother's house with my sons. The television was on, and at some point Bob Ross' show "The Joy of Painting" came on the air.  If you've never experienced the show, it is

Using JSL to import BodyMedia® FIT® food log files into JMP

In my previous blog post, I described how I imported my BodyMedia® Activity Summary data files from Excel into JMP. Today, I will share how I automated importing nearly four years of my BodyMedia® food logs into JMP. I have also uploaded an add-in to the JMP File Exchange that

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