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Empowering AP Statistics teachers: Free JMP workshops this summer

For the fifth consecutive year, JMP is sponsoring AP Statistics teacher workshops during the summer break. These workshops are designed for those who want to employ data analysis software in their AP Stat course and who have taught the course at least twice. Two sessions are offered this summer, at

When should programming come into play in statistics courses?

Both academically and professionally, more courses are being offered and developed to make more people comfortable with data, analysis and risk assessment. This necessitates some use of statistics, and software is pretty much a tool of the trade. Software — some new, some enhanced, some commercial and some open source

Teaching modern stats – and assessing reasoning – at scale

If you are an instructor who teaches large-enrollment introductory statistics courses and wishes to teach a modern data-driven course, read on. You know about the challenges of assessing student mastery in courses where there are hundreds – or even thousands! – of students and little or no support for grading

Understanding which baseball players are the strongest hitters

Just days after the baseball season has started, two 10th-graders from a public high school in Delaware and their math teacher are headed to Furman University for the Carolinas Sports Analytics Meeting on Saturday to talk baseball. The students, Umar Khan and Tyler Schanzenbach, both 15 years old, are presenting

What's new in the second edition of JMP Essentials

Ask any user how they first learned JMP, and there’s a good chance that they’ll cite JMP Essentials – An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide for New Users as a resource they relied on. Authors Curt Hinrichs and Chuck Boiler have written a second edition of this very popular book that promises

Beyond Spreadsheets: Bruce McCullough, Drexel University

“I want my students focusing on statistical methods, not on software.” -- Bruce McCullough, Professor, LeBow College of Business, Drexel University Beyond Spreadsheets is a blog series that highlights how JMP customers are augmenting their tools and processes for exploratory data analysis to make breakthrough discoveries. We talk with JMP

JMP Student Edition 12: Free with leading intro stats textbooks

Introductory Statistics is notorious for being one of the least popular courses required for graduation. Fortunately, modern approaches to teaching statistics are changing the perceptions and popularity of statistics for the better. These approaches are largely driven by data, rather than mathematics, and the modern data-driven interface of JMP is

What aspiring data analysts need to know

We have featured many academic thought leaders on our Analytically Speaking webcast series over the last three years. “Academic” may be a primary way to categorize these notable professors and researchers, but they are also often accomplished authors and consultants, giving them some very interesting perspectives on a wide variety

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