Shannon Conners
Director, JMP R&D

Shannon Conners manages production of new JMP software releases within the research and development group of the JMP division of SAS. Before joining JMP in 2006 as JMP Genomics product manager, she used SAS and JMP to analyze and visualize microarray data from microbes from extreme environments during her PhD studies and postdoctoral work in bioinformatics at North Carolina State University.

Visualizing historical biomarker data with JMP

I shared in my previous post that I scoured my baby book and tracking notebooks and requested various medical records to gather historical information about my weight fluctuations over the years. I used this data to construct JMP graphs with annotations and pinned hover labels containing pictures (thanks to the

Visualizing holiday food log patterns

If you read my last post, then you know that I’m giving myself the gift of data this holiday season! For me, collecting data on my diet and fitness habits is a gift that just keeps on giving. Although I may not look at all my data sets on a

Giving myself the gift of data

It can be easy to get discouraged when working on a personal health project during the time period that stretches from late fall to early winter. The “food holiday” season that stretches from October to January is filled with celebrations and their leftovers. Colder temperatures and shorter days also reduce

New Technically Speaking webcast exploring workout data

I hope that by now you've heard about our new Technically Speaking webcast series. The goal of this series is to help you understand and work through issues with your data so that you can focus on answering your most important questions. It features JMP team members sharing data case studies and

Creating graphs of muscle quality and body fat in Graph Builder

In my previous post, I shared several Graph Builder graphs of the muscle quality and body fat percentage data I’ve been getting from my Skulpt Aim. However, since the post was already long, I didn’t have a chance to include any instructions on how to recreate those graphs. In case

Assessing my Skulpt Aim data with JMP

In my last post, I mentioned that I have recently acquired several new quantified-self devices, including the Skulpt Aim. These new devices and the data from them have brought me greater opportunities to think more deeply about measurement systems. When I begin using a new self-tracking device, I have the same

Learning about new self-tracking technology at QS15

I recently attended the QS15 Quantified Self Conference and Expo in San Francisco. This three-day event brought self-tracking technology providers together with users who are actively collecting and analyzing their own data. The conference is organized by QS Labs, a Bay area company founded by Kevin Kelly and Gary Wolf. These two Wired

Using my muscle map as a selection filter for workout data

JMP 12 introduced the ability to create a selection filter, or a graph that filters other graphs in a report. I have used this feature quite a bit since its introduction, and I love the flexibility it provides! I hope you had a chance to see developer Dan Schikore's post

Creating a custom map for my workout data in JMP 12

In the previous post in this fitness and food series, I showed some examples of how I have been using local data filter to customize graphs of my workout data. JMP 12 offers a new alternative to list-based data filters in the form of selection filters, or graphs that can act

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