Shang Ding
Technical Student

I am a visualization development intern in the JMP division of SAS. I am a student at North Carolina State University, enrolled in the electrical and computer engineering program. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing and hunting.

JMP add-in for statistical dot plots

JMP has a rather straightforward distribution analysis using histograms accompanied with various statistics such as mean, standard deviation and the quantiles. But if you care about gaps in your data, whether small or large, histograms might not be your best bet. Another basic statistical tool, the dot plot, can reveal

Using the JSL XML parser to import KML map shapes

XML (Extensible Markup Language) format is widely used on the internet, and XML-based languages have become the default for many  tools, such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, iWork, and Google Earth. So it is not surprising when JMP users come across some XML-based data that looks like this: JSL has a