Ryan Lekivetz
Sr. Research Statistician Developer

I am a senior research statistician developer working on enhancing the Design of Experiments (DOE) platforms in JMP. I received my PhD in statistics from Simon Fraser University with a focus on DOE. I am constantly trying to bring my work home with me by looking for ways to apply DOE to my everyday life (some examples can be found in my previous posts below). In my spare time I collect vintage diecast vehicles and other toys from my childhood, where the collection size is restricted mainly by my ability to sneak them into the house without my wife noticing.

Simulate Responses in JMP 13 is revamped to be more useful

The Simulate Responses feature throughout various design of experiments (DOE) platforms has always been a useful tool for generating a set of responses according to a specified model. I use it frequently for the simulated responses in Fit Model (or other appropriate platforms), as a way to check that the

Better hard-boiled eggs with our eggsperiment

In my post last week, I discussed our latest eggsperiment with hard-boiled eggs – and now it’s time for the results! As a reminder of the factors, we had hard-to-change factors: Cooking Start (Hot/Cold) Cooking Time (10 minutes, 12 minutes, 14 minutes) Salt (0 tsp, ½ tsp, 1 tsp) Vinegar

Eggstra! Eggstra! A new designed eggsperiment

It’s been years since I last dyed Easter eggs, but this year we decided to give it a try. This means I’ve suddenly found the need to hard-boil some eggs. One of my favorite experiments that I’ve blogged about was the eggciting eggsperiment, so it’s the perfect time to revisit

Chocolate Bar Smackdown: US vs. Canada

How do you like your coffee? I like my Coffee Crisp. Of all the commercials from my childhood, this is one of the few catchphrases that I remember. I suspect most readers have no idea what I’m talking about – (although it does exist in the UK and for a short period

Dyeing diecast vehicles redux: The results

Last time, I discussed setting up a new stage of experimentation for dyeing diecast vehicles. Not everything went as planned, but there were some positive results. I took the alias optimal design from the previous blog post and used a column shuffle to randomize the rows (it was sorted by

Dyeing diecast vehicles with DOE redux

In a previous experiment, my father and I changed the color of diecast cars by placing them in fabric dye. A recent visit from my father allowed us to undertake the next experiment in our dyeing journey with some new ideas from my colleague Lou Valente. With the information gained

Potato chip smackdown: A generalized regression analysis

At this year’s JMP Discovery Summit in San Diego, there were plenty of fantastic talks. After completing the tasting portion of the potato chip smackdown, one that stuck out for me was my colleague Clay Barker’s presentation on using the Generalized Regression personality in the Fit Model platform in creative

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