Michael Crotty
Statistical Writer

Michael Crotty is a statistical writer in the JMP division of SAS Institute.

New sample data tables in JMP 13

By now, you’ve probably seen and heard about a lot of the new features that are available in JMP 13 and JMP Pro 13. To help demonstrate those features, the documentation team has added nearly 60 new sample data tables to the Sample Data Library. As a reminder, you can

What statistical details do you want documented?

The documentation for JMP must meet the needs of JMP users with a diverse set of backgrounds. The needs of one group of users can differ markedly from the needs of another group. For instance, some users report that there is too much statistical jargon in the documentation, while others

Celebrating statisticians: Gertrude Cox

This month, we celebrate Gertrude Mary Cox, one of the pioneers of academic statistics departments in the United States and one of the first female statisticians. She has been dubbed the "First Lady of Statistics." Her efforts were fundamental to the development of the vibrant statistics community in the Research

Visualizing the variability of a curve using bootstrapping

This is part 4 of a series of blog posts on the new bootstrap feature in JMP Pro, Version 10, that began with an introduction to one-click bootstrapping. In previous posts in this series, we have looked at bootstrapping functions of the output and multiple tables simultaneously. In this post,

Bootstrap multiple tables simultaneously with JMP Pro

This is part 3 of a series of blog posts on the bootstrap feature in JMP Pro, Version 10. Previously, we exploited the fact that Distribution will give Bootstrap confidence limits anytime that there is a BootID• column present in the data table. Part 1 introduced one-click bootstrapping in JMP

Using the bootstrap for functions of statistics

This is part 2 of a series of blog posts on the new bootstrap feature in JMP Pro, Version 10. The first part introduced one-click bootstrapping. Sometimes, your quantity of interest might not be reported directly in a JMP report window. Instead it might be calculated as a function of

Introducing the one-click bootstrap in JMP Pro

One of the great new features in JMP Pro, Version 10, is the one-click bootstrap. Most tables of results in analytical platforms have a new item in their context (right-click) menus, called Bootstrap. Selecting this item will bring up a small dialog with some options. Once you click OK, JMP will perform a

Got JMP 8? You Can Map, Too

By now, you are probably aware that JMP 9 delivers some cool new mapping features. I definitely encourage you to experience them firsthand. However, if you still use JMP 8, or have a colleague who has not upgraded to JMP 9 yet, a new script on the file exchange