Mark Bailey

I am a full-time JMP instructor at SAS Institute.

New shapes in JMP: Microtitre plates

The last couple of versions of JMP have extended data visualization in so many ways and made it easier to create these graphics, too. One recent addition to Graph Builder is shapes. JMP is installed with a set of shape files for the geographic boundaries of world countries, states and

Celebrating Statisticians: J. Stuart Hunter

J. Stuart (“Stu”) Hunter is the statistician we are celebrating in the month of March in this International Year of Statistics. He is considered by many people to be one of the most important and influential statisticians of the last half century, especially with regard to applying statistics to problems

What’s new in JMP training? Categorical data analysis!

The JMP training curriculum is diverse and complex. We offer a range of training for beginners and for advanced users. In addition to our ongoing effort to keep all of the training up to date with new editions, we also create new courses as our user needs evolve. I want

First Come, First Serve

We need your help! JMP Training is converting more of its courses to the Live Web format as an alternative way for us to deliver, and for you to receive, our offerings. The material is exactly the same as the material that we use in the classroom version of the

What Good Are Error Bars?

A cognitive psychology blog recently published an interesting post about an important and long-standing problem with scientific publications: Most researchers don't understand error bars. Error bars are graphical elements included in a statistical plot to represent the uncertainty in a sample statistic. They are important to JMP users, as error

A Trainer's Perspective on the JMP Discovery Conference

I can't believe that the conference has come and gone. That milestone means that half of 2008 is over already! Before the rest of the year flies by, I thought that I should add my thoughts to this blog. I had nothing to do with the preparation for the conference

New Edition of the JMP Scripting Course

Soon after JMP 4 introduced scripting, we began to get requests for help with this feature. Initially, these requests were answered by informal workshops conducted at the site of our customers. It became apparent that our customers desired a regular, standardized course was called for, to satisfy the steadily growing

Introducing Paul Marovich

Heath Rushing discussed the fact earlier (November 6) that we get a lot of comments about our courses from our students who attend with a class of JMP users, which is held either publicly at one of our SAS training centers or privately at a customer site. Some of the

Using JMP to Teach Statistics

As a full-time JMP instructor, I know that JMP is a wonderful tool for teaching statistics. In addition to its built-in procedures for many common statistics and interactive graphics, the JMP scripting language (JSL) can tailor the behavior or appearance of these tools to exactly match the needs of the

Which DOE Course?

SAS Education offers two courses of study for the design of experiments (DOE). The first one, Design and Analysis of Experiments, dates back to JMP 3. It began as a one-day course and changed to a more complete two-day course when JMP 4 shipped. This course is designed to help

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