Louis Valente
Sr Manager, Pre-Sales Support

Why design of experiments keeps the science in science

In a recent discussion in the LinkedIn DOE group, I learned that some scientists resist the use of design of experiments because they believe that using DOE would be "taking the science out of science.” I believe this type of resistance comes from the minds of those who fear change.

Music library visualizations

This weekend while I was importing some new music on my computer, I found myself manually searching through my Apple® iTunes library to figure out which artists were represented most heavily in my music collection. During this process, it occurred to me that a visual in JMP might be a

Kentucky Derby: Secretariat was the best of the best!

The first Saturday in May means different things to different people. For me, growing up in New York with a thoroughbred horse-loving family, it meant mint juleps and women wearing hats that monopolized the airspace in the room where we all gathered to watch the “Run for the Roses,” also

Fantasy baseball’s JMP Yankees victorious again!

Well, another fantasy baseball season has come and gone in the Synthetic Chemicals Baseball League. I am pleased to report that the JMP Yankees have taken the 2011 title. This eight-team league was formed in 1988, and this is the 13th championship for the JMP Yankees franchise in the 23-year

Visualizing Derek Jeter's 3,000-hit milestone

With all the fanfare in New York for Derek Jeter reaching the 3,000-hit mark, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to gather some data to put this rare event in perspective. First off, let me qualify my interest and passion around this topic. I was born and raised in Pelham, New

How On-Time Are the Airlines? A Frequent Flier's Story

During my last trip home from a JMP customer visit, my flight was delayed getting out of Raleigh, North Carolina, due to mechanical problems. This caused me to miss my connection in Philadelphia, and I ended up with a six-hour layover awaiting the next flight home to Rochester, New York,

Bradley Jones Wins ASQ Brumbaugh Award

The winners of ASQ’s prestigious Brumbaugh Award for 2009 are Bradley Jones, PhD, Principal Research Fellow in the JMP Division of SAS, and Christopher J. Nachtsheim, PhD, Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. They co-wrote an article titled “Split-Plot Designs: What, Why, and How” that was published

Diamonds Are Forever ... or Not

On a recent vacation cruise, while snorkeling with my wife in Cozumel, the diamond in her wedding band unfortunately was dislodged and became one with the ocean floor. After futile efforts to find the lost diamond, it was evident to me that I needed to get her a replacement ring

JMP for Data-Driven Decisions at Home: Cell Phone Use

A while back, I was surprised to receive a huge cell phone bill. My family had greatly exceeded our monthly allotment of minutes. In response to that episode I became extremely conservative with my cell-phone minutes allotment that I purchased. Then as time passed I decided it was time to