John Powell
Principal Software Developer

John Powell is a JMP Principal Software Developer with extensive experience in graphics software development, including hardware graphics acceleration, video game console graphics, computational fluid dynamics visualization, virtual reality simulations, desktop computer-aided modeling and design, and artistic graphics design applications. He joined the JMP team specifically for the Interactive HTML effort introduced in JMP 11. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering/Computer Option with a minor in Management from McGill University.

Interactive HTML: Points, box plots and more for Graph Builder

This is a continuation of a series of blog posts on interactive HTML for Graph Builder reports in JMP 13. Here, I'm discussing support for Points, Box Plots, Heat Maps and Map Shapes. These Graph Builder elements are highlighted in the figure below. Since this blog post describes interactive web

Interactive HTML Bubble Plot platform in JMP 12

The Interactive HTML Bubble Plot output is new to the latest version of JMP. It is meant to replace and improve upon the interactive output provided by the Flash (SWF) export facility in previous versions of JMP. If you are unfamiliar with the Bubble Plot platform, the Essential Graphing  guide

Coming in JMP 12: Interactive HTML Bubble Plot

JMP 11 provided the ability to create an interactive Flash version of the Bubble Plot platform. Our customers wanted us to provide the same functionality using interactive HTML so they would be able to share their bubble plots with colleagues using iPads. They would no longer need to tell their